“Tempest in the Garden”

The Garden of Eden is the inspiration for this collection….but not the tranquil, sublime Eden we expect. Eve has just taken a bite from the forbidden fruit…storm clouds gather and darkness overcomes the garden as she reaches for something to cover herself from the tempest.

Amy DSC_6729 hi
Innocence and beauty
apple ponder
Pondering the fruit
Amy DSC_6788 hi
Taste of the apple

Photos courtesy of Andy Burleigh.  Model Amy Parkinson.

On April 22nd Cottage 13’s proprietor and piercer, Yolanda Pierces presented her newest collection for her fashion label Vespidame. “Tempest in the Garden” was presented at the Glamour in the Hammer fundraiser for local charity organization The Good Shepherd. An evening of food, music and fashion, celebrating the best of “made in Hamilton” art and design.


This is the second year Yolanda has participated in this spectacular event showcasing 8 of Hamilton’s best restaurants and 8 local fashion designers.


Vespidame models walked the runway to a sold out crowd at The Cotton Factory in one of Hamilton’s classiest, most dazzling events of the year. Featuring make up by Jenna Smith-Panko of Glitter and Gore Makeup Artistry and caught-in-a-storm hairstyles by Stina Scott. This collection embraced the riot of colours in a garden paradise complete with snake, moth and peacock characters. Photos courtesy of Andy Burleigh.


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