Love’s Secret Domain

stylegroup0398 1

Where is love’s secret domain? Is it hidden in the long, sensual silhouette? Is it whispering to you from an erogenous zone? It hints suggestively from the shadows. Love will capture and bind you in its secret place. A molten mix of metallics and steamy, lingerie inspired looks embody this collection to be showcased on Hamilton’s Supercrawl Fashion Stage on Sat. Sept 10th @ 5pm

Featuring Blackline Accessories and performer Sapphyre Poison.

stylegroup0444 (1).jpgstylegroup0326 1.jpgModel Michelle Li wears a gauzy “night shirt” over a body harness and garters by Blackline Accessories. Photo by Style Groupstylegroup0469.jpgstylegroup0500.jpgMichelle Li in black sateen bustier and a bronze faux leather circle skirt with silk screen art by tattooer Professor Chris Hall of Cottage 13 in Hamilton.  Shoulder harness by Blackline Accessories.  Photo by Style Group.



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