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Ring around the rosy, this collection is a pocket full of dark floral motifs and feathers in delicate, flowing fabrics. A versatile collection of dresses and separates that can transition from day to prom night with a little bit of edge and a tilt to your tiara.

Vespidame was proud to present “Pos(e)y” at the 2017 Glamour In The Hammer fundraising event for Hamilton’s Good Shepherd.  With class and flair, organizers once again brought local food and fashion to the forefront at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Photos courtesy of Style Group.

Hair by Stina Scott.  Make Up by Jenna Smith-Panko and CC Benz

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Deep jewel toned feathers adorned several of the looks.  Evoking a dark swan like quality to the models.  Earrings and hand chain by Lunamoon.

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DMT print featured widely in this collection.  A kaleidoscope of vibrant yet earthly colours in a buttery soft chiffon.  Jewellery by Lunamoon.

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The doll-like lips and tiaras are a nod to the 90’s.  Pictures of Courtney Love could be found on the Pos(e)y mood board.

StyleGroup.co 160StyleGroup.co 13Velvet texture is repeated throughout the collection in black as well as deepest green.  The drape and flow of this sparkling oversized flower print circle skirt add an elegance to the edge.

StyleGroup.co 17StyleGroup.co 18Silk screened foxglove and death head moth print with vintage beaded crystals adorns this floor length skirt paired with the DMT print bustier.  Body chain courtesy of Lunamoon.

StyleGroup.co 154IMG_6399 - Version 2


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