“Oi!” Ode to a Punk Princess

This refined collection embraces key elements of DIY punk culture. With it’s own take on spikes and razorblades. “Oi!” is inspired by Hamilton’s rich punk rock music scene and the scene’s enduring influence on fashion… To ladies of all ages everywhere who are fearless enough to flaunt their edgy street style, put your fists in […]

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Cold Night

Join the beautiful Vespidame models for a wistful walk on a cold night.  This is the premier collection of corsets and clothing presented by designer Yolanda Pierces on the 2013 Supercrawl Fashion Stage. Photos courtesy of Andy Burleigh. Watch the first ever Vespidame fashion show “Cold Night” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-GMFy4AODg  

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