Sapphyre DSC_5837 lores


“Vespidae” is the scientific name of a family of wasps. It is natural that a clothing label that began with the creation of exquisite, hand made corsets should pay homage in name to the waspish waist.  As a skilled seamstress and a professional body piercer, creator Yolanda Pierces is no stranger to the sting of a needle. It seemes only fitting that Vespidame was born of this…truly blood, sweat and tears!

Vespidame has grown to include beautifully made skirts to accompany the corsets. As well as comfortable jersey dresses for less lavish occasions. Unique silk screened art, often created by tattoo artists from Cottage 13 (Yolanda’s day job), is lovingly hand printed on fabric to create unique clothing and accessories.

It is Vespidame’s mission to compel everyone to defy monotony. Whether it is wearing a sleeve of tattooed hearts or daring to dress just a little dramatic: this is your armour, don’t be afraid to make your mark.




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